Innovative Leaders Workbook for Implementing Analytics Programs: Your Award-Winning Guide to Transformational Leadership in Data-Driven World

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🏆 USA Book Award Winner: Best Business Reference Book
🏆 Best Book Award for Business Reference

About the Workbook

Organizations face complexities and challenges in today’s data-rich landscape that require innovative solutions. Too often, transformational efforts fail because the focus is on systems, overlooking the crucial role of leadership and organizational culture.

This workbook is your comprehensive guide to successfully navigating “big data” and analytics transformations, offering hands-on tools and actionable insights.

Why Choose This Workbook?

  • Comprehensive Leadership Model: It starts with our innovative leadership approach, a multi-faceted model that ensures successful transformations.
  • Practical Application: Implement analytics programs to gain a competitive edge through a structured, step-by-step guide.
  • Expert Insights: Listen to James and Maureen on the Voice America radio show for deeper insights into implementing analytics.

📘 Based on the International Book Award-Winning Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations.

Workbook Highlights

Transforming Organizations Process

The workbook takes you through a journey that:

  1. Introduces Innovative Leadership: Define the five critical elements for transformation success.
  2. Leads Analytics Implementation: Offers a unique change model along with a real-world case study.
  3. Provides Tools: Equips you with practical steps and tools for a successful transformation.

Meet the Authors

Industry experts pen this workbook:

  • Maureen Metcalf
  • James Brenza

With contributions from:

  • Kathleen Bergen
  • Kathryn Burgess

Additional Resources

For more in-depth knowledge, read the article by James Brenza and Maureen Metcalf: “Evaluating Big Data Projects – Success and Failure Using an Integral Lens,” published in Integral Leadership Review.

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