Innovative Leaders Workbook for Implementing Analytics Programs

USA Book Award Winner: Best Business Reference Book

Best Book Award Best Business Reference BookAmid an accelerated need for change and a decade of increased complexity, increased volumes of data available for analysis, and failed change initiatives, organizations must identify new models that address these challenges while maintaining efficient and effective operations.

Leading change starts with leadership. Yet, in many organizations, the process of leading change often omits the idea that transforming leaders is an integral part of the overall transformation process. As a result, a common cause of transformation failure is focusing on the systems rather than the larger context that includes leaders and the organizational culture. The way organizations function holistically, and interdependently dramatically increases the odds of a successful implementation and minimizes failure and adverse effects. Listen to James and Maureen on the Voice America radio show to learn more about the challenges leaders face when implementing analytics programs and our solutions.

This workbook provides a hands-on toolkit to help leaders guide “big data” and analytic transformations and how you can apply them to solve problems as well as improve sustainable results. This workbook is based on the International Book Award Winning Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations.

The workbook starts with an approach to leadership called innovative leadership, a comprehensive model defining five critical elements required to transform organizations and implement programs successfully. Then, it walks the reader through the model and provides examples of how this innovative leadership supports the implementation of analytics-based transformation.

Transforming Organizations Process

This workbook provides models and tools that increase your ability to implement sustained change successfully. The workbook then focuses on the process of leading an analytic implementation that creates a strategic advantage for an enterprise. Next, these seven chapters put innovative leadership to work by building on the discussion from chapter one and providing a change model and case study of how an innovative leader implements an analytics program. Finally, the workbook offers practical tools and steps to guide you through your transformation.

Maureen Metcalf and James Brenza are writing this workbook. Contributing authors include Kathleen Bergen and Kathryn Burgess.

To read more from James Brenza and Maureen Metcalf on this topic, please see the article published in Integral Leadership Review,  Evaluating Big Data Projects – Success and Failure Using an Integral Lens,

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