Innovative Leadership Workbook for College Students

2016 International Book Award Winner: College GuidesInternational Book Award Winner

This workbook provides a practical approach for college students to develop innovative leadership skills to launch and manage their careers and keep pace with the dynamic environment. It is tailored to the needs of college students who want to move into their careers and lead student organizations, and take informal leadership and influencing roles. It includes essential information tailored to meet the growth needs of the college student and individual contributor providing a comprehensive development process accompanied by field-tested worksheets and reflection questions.

This workbook provides three case studies where college students go through the development process and share their answers to the worksheets and reflection questions.

This workbook is the entry point for leadership development in the Innovative Leadership series, which offers an integrated development process that starts as early as university and extends to the executive ranks. Activities draw from well-researched theory, three diverse case studies of domestic and international students, and field-tested processes and worksheets. The unique situation of each case study provides invaluable insight into how student leaders develop and incorporate innovation.

The book is organized into seven chapters. The first chapter talks about innovative leadership for college students and individual contributors. The following six chapters explain the development process and provide worksheets, reflection questions, and case studies.

Eric Philippou, a former intern at the Innovative Leadership Institute and student at The Ohio State University, wrote a blog series applying the Innovative Leadership Workbook materials to his development as a university senior preparing for employment after graduation. By following Eric’s path, students and others seeking employment can build their success.

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