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Innovative Leadership Workbook for College Students: A Gateway to Career Success

Award-Winning Guide for Emerging Leaders

About the Book

🏆 2016 International Book Award Winner: Best College Guide

Forge your path to leadership and career success with our award-winning workbook designed specifically for college students. Whether you’re aiming to lead student organizations, embark on your career, or influence change, this guide offers you a practical approach to developing essential innovative leadership skills.

What’s Inside?

  • A comprehensive development process specifically tailored for college students and young professionals.
  • Actionable worksheets and reflective questions for in-depth self-assessment.
  • Real-world case studies featuring college students who’ve successfully navigated their development journey.

Book Structure

Chapter 1:
Introduction to Innovative Leadership for College Students and Emerging Professionals

Chapters 2-7:

  • Step-by-Step Development Process
  • Practical Worksheets
  • Insightful Reflection Questions
  • Inspiring Case Studies

📘 Your First Step in the Innovative Leadership Series
This workbook is an entry point into our robust Innovative Leadership series, guiding you from your college years to your future executive roles.

Unique Features

  • Three Diverse Case Studies: Learn from domestic and international students to gain a multi-faceted understanding of leadership development.
  • Field-Tested Processes and Worksheets: Activities and insights are backed by well-researched theory and real-world applications.

Real Students, Real Success

Eric Philippou, a former intern at the Innovative Leadership Institute and an Ohio State University student, used this workbook as a cornerstone for his senior-year development. Follow in Eric’s footsteps to craft your own path to success.

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