Innovative Leadership Fieldbook

International Book Award 2012

International Book Award Winner 

Best Business Reference Book

Innovative Leadership Fieldbook: The Complete Guide to Leading in the Modern World

Lead with Proven Integral Approaches
The Innovative Leadership Fieldbook offers a meticulously crafted approach, tested in real-world scenarios, to develop visionary leaders, drive organizational transformation, and champion sustainability.

Susann Cook-Greuter, a globally recognized leadership development luminary, endorses our approach:

“A pioneering contribution that artfully marries integral perspectives to the real world of leadership. Dive deep into the five stages of leadership development, enriched with actionable tools, engaging real-life scenarios, and invaluable insights. An indispensable read for leaders and their coaches, designed to amplify self-awareness and boost effectiveness.”

Why Choose Our Fieldbook?

  • Unique Leadership Approach: We don’t just talk leadership; we live it. Our distinctive stance emerges from the groundbreaking theoretical works of stalwarts like Senge, Wilber, Drucker, Collins, O’Fallon, Cook-Greuter, Ritchie-Dunham, and Kotter. Their evidence-based research is rendered into practical tools, paving your path to leadership excellence.
  • Strategic Edge: Navigate the complex landscapes of today’s business world with an approach that amplifies your effectiveness and provides a strategic and competitive edge.
  • In-depth Exploration: Delve into the five core elements of leadership, enriched with tools and practices—a must-have for every leader, coach, and consultant aiming for mastery in the innovative leadership model.

Peek Inside: Key Components of the Fieldbook

  1. Five Domains of Innovative Leadership: An in-depth exploration, blending historical insights with modern necessities. Mastery of one or two elements was once enough; now, the future demands a holistic approach.
  2. Building Innovative Leadership Capacity: A structured six-step fieldbook/workbook journey. Enhancing your prowess as an Innovative Leader with engaging worksheets, practical tools, and reflection prompts.

For the Visionaries and the Curious
Whether you’re a seasoned leader or embarking on your leadership journey, the depth of reflections and exercises will offer insights into yourself and your organization. Navigate personal and organizational change seamlessly with the guidance of our fieldbook.

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Read the review written by Harvard Professor – Jim Ritchie-Dunham, published in Integral Leadership Review.

Empower your leadership journey with the most comprehensive fieldbook ever crafted. Innovate, Inspire, Lead.