Innovative Leadership Fieldbook

2012 International Book Award Winner – Best Business Reference Book

Finalist – Best Business eBook

International Book Award 2012The Innovative Leadership Fieldbook provides field-tested integral approaches to developing leaders, transforming organizations, and creating sustainability.  According to Susann Cook-Greuter, an internationally respected thought leader in the area of leadership development, “It is one of the first practical and field-tested approaches to supporting the development of leaders and their cultures using an integral perspective. The book brings pertinent new insights into the five stages of leadership development. It presents a balanced set of assessment tools and practices for the reader to explore. It thus helps leaders as well as their coaches to deepen their self-awareness and become more effective and productive over time.  Best of all, it is an engaging read, carefully designed for optimal learning and richly illustrated with real-life examples and solid advice.”

This book is the most comprehensive of the Innovative Leadership series. It is written to provide a solid foundation in the five elements of leadership as well as tools and practices focused on development. If you are a coach or consultant, this book will provide the additional background necessary to work with the innovative leadership model. If you are a leader, we still think this is a great reference. We also realize that for many people the workbooks with a high-level overview of innovative leadership is sufficient to meet their needs.

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Elements of Innovative Leadership

5 Elements of Innovative LeadershipSection One explores the five domains of innovative leadership in depth.  This is the only fieldbook of its kind that includes this type of comprehensive model combining the elements of leadership. Theorists have looked at each of these elements separately over many years, and have suggested that mastering one or two of them is typically sufficient for effective leaders. While that may have been true in a less complex world, it is no longer the case.

As the 21st-century unfolds, the most effective leaders will have a much more holistic view than at any other time in history. In this book, we define and describe each individual element of innovative leadership and how they interact.

After fully defining innovative leadership, Section Two focuses on Building Innovative Leadership Capacity. This section offers a six-step process in a fieldbook/workbook format. It includes worksheets, tools, and reflection questions for each step in the process designed to support you in enhancing your practical effectiveness as an Innovative Leader.

It is the comprehensiveness of the reflection coupled with the exercises that will give you insight into yourself and your organization. This insight is required to change yourself and your organization concurrently or to manage your internal change in the context of an organization.

Read the review written by Harvard Professor – Jim Ritchie-Dunham published in Integral Leadership Review.

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