Mark Palmer

Mark is the co-author of the Innovative Leadership Fieldbook and the Series Editor of the Innovative Leadership Workbook series.

Mark is a founding member of the Integral Institute, an international think-tank created to combine progressive academic research with practical applications in the public and private sector. He is an accomplished teacher, has conducted numerous seminars and lectured extensively on business leadership supported by social theory. Mark has also taught several online courses and served as the institute’s Program Director for Integral Practice.

Mark Palmer is a writer, editor and full-time professional specializing in Organization and Social Science research; he is also a pioneering expert in the design and application of Innovative Leadership. His background includes Economics, Social and Behavioral Theory, Cultural Studies, and Anthropology.

Mark is an expert on the theoretical work of American born philosopher Ken Wilber, and has written extensively, for private circulation, on the application of Wilber’s work to numerous disciplines. He was the senior editor of The Simple Feeling of Being, published in 2004 as a compilation of Wilber’s work spanning 25 years.

Mark is the Global Leadership Coach for Abrasive Technology.