Belinda Gore, PhD

Belinda GoreBelinda Gore, Ph.D., is a key thought leader in the development of the Innovative Leadership framework.

She is a psychologist, executive coach and experienced seminar leader who is skilled in supporting her clients in high-level learning.  With 30 years’ experience in leadership development and interpersonal skills training, she is known for helping teams discover strength in their diversity to achieve their mutual goals, and works with individual leaders to access their natural talents to maximize effectiveness and personal satisfaction. Her clients have included senior leadership in global companies, senior and middle management in both corporate and non-profit organizations, and entrepreneurs. She will be leading our new service line focused on helping leaders and their organizations build resilience along with offering leadership team development, board development, coaching and Enneagram assessment.

Belinda’s capacity for personal warmth, rigorous thinking, and global awareness contribute to her being a catalyst for transformational change.  As “coach’s coach”, she works with other professionals to refine their ability to listen with sensitivity and awareness, and to guide their clients with knowledge, wisdom, and accountability.

As the president of a non-profit organization with international membership, Belinda has personal experience with board development and balancing strategic thinking with the realities of financial management and program implementation.  She is a founder and former managing partner of Wilbridge Consultation Center, a multidisciplinary group using a holistic approach in working with individuals and groups. Belinda’s versatility allows her to engage with multinational groups and diverse clients who include Allstate, The Kantar Group, U.S. Navy, The Ohio State University, McKinsey,Online Computer Library Center, Inc., The University of Texas Medical Branch, as well as high-tech start-up companies.

Belinda was a key thought leader in developing the Innovative Leadership Framework and in every element of writing the books.