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Carla Paonessa, Retired Managing Partner, Accenture, says:

“This guide is a roadmap for managing the complexities of transformative change. Metcalf structures the transformative process into seven straightforward categories, provides practical templates, and shares real-world examples. The book harmonizes the ‘inside work’ of the leader with the ‘outside work’ of the organization.”

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🎙️ 1-Hour Podcast featuring Jay Izzo and Maureen Metcalf – Next Level Leadership,

🎙️ 1-Hour Podcast featuring Jay Izzo and Maureen Metcalf – Be a Better Leader: Transform Your Business

Why This Book Is For You

Leadership is the Change Catalyst

The transformative journey starts with you, the leader. Our approach, ‘Innovative Leadership,’ integrates the leader into the change equation. This book outlines the five vital elements to master adaptive challenges and transform organizations.

Innovative Leadership Framework

The Innovative Leadership framework is grounded in cutting-edge research and real-world experience. It focuses on four key dimensions: intention, behavior, culture, and systems. The framework prepares leaders to implement adaptive change successfully by balancing these dimensions.

What’s Inside

Section I: Mastering Individual Leadership

  • Understand the concept of Innovative Leadership
  • Discover the five crucial elements through detailed examples
  • Practical steps to apply Innovative Leadership to your organizational transformation

Section II: Leading Organizational Transformation

  • Change models to address complex challenges
  • A real-world example of an Innovative Leader in action
  • Actionable tools and steps for leading change

Benefits of Adopting This Model

  1. Holistic Problem-Solving: Tackle adaptive issues by developing comprehensive solutions beyond traditional approaches.
  2. Aligned Leadership: Addresses the leader’s intention and behavior alongside organizational culture and systems, ensuring synergy.
  3. Innovate as You Lead: The change process includes the leader’s evolution, inspiring innovative solutions to the challenges faced.

Why It Matters Now

Organizations must adopt models that solve current challenges and sustain success in a world filled with complexity and failed change initiatives. This book equips you with the innovative leadership skills necessary for long-lasting, effective change.

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